Tourists at home – Day 1

~Day 1~

We started out driving into Telemark, our neighboring country. We’ve been there several times, but it was a great place to begin. Continue reading Tourists at home – Day 1

Understood Imperfections

I haven’t shared any language-related posts in quite some time. In the past, I’ve share some of our misunderstandings and blunders, as well as some words we find useful or just really like.

But sometimes we stumble upon things we realize are simply not the same between our two languages, English and Norwegian. And that’s what I’m sharing today. Continue reading Understood Imperfections

Kaffetur 32 / Coffee Tour #32: Nømad, Barcelona (Catalonia~Spain)

The purpose of our trip was to visit friends. It really was. Which means no planned coffee shop visits.

Well, technically I didn’t plan any.

But then again, whenever I travel, I mark a couple of locations on my favorite offline map app – you know… just in case! Continue reading Kaffetur 32 / Coffee Tour #32: Nømad, Barcelona (Catalonia~Spain)

Kaffetur 31 / Coffee Tour #31: Faro, Rome (Italy)

My tastes have changed quite a bit over the past four or five years, and particularly when it comes to coffee. I think living in Scandinavia will do that to you. The light roasted goodness from a small batch Nordic roaster is unique and, in a word, amazing. Continue reading Kaffetur 31 / Coffee Tour #31: Faro, Rome (Italy)