Tourists at home

We’ve lived in Norway for 4 1/2 years. And while we’ve explored a good bit of the southern part of the country, up until this summer we had not done much else.

We’ve been saying for quite a while we really should see more of the country we call home. But we just didn’t seem to ever make the time to do it.

But as this summer approached, we found ourselves waiting for the renewal of our residence permits to be finalized.

Which meant we couldn’t leave the country until the process was complete.

Which meant it was the perfect time for the open road.

We spent four days on the road. No real plan – just a few places we thought about possibly visiting. Equipped with a tent, sleeping bags, and a couple changes of clothes, we set out on a Monday morning.

Four days on the road. Stopping when we wanted. Sleeping wherever we found a suitable spot. Seeing things we haven’t seen before.

In the coming days, I’ll share several posts about our road trip adventures, day by day. ┬áIt was amazing.

The pictures won’t do it justice, but hopefully they’ll be enough to encourage some of you to come and see the beauty of this country!

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