Back in the Peach State

We made it back to Georgia late Wednesday night (2:30 am!). We leave for Vancouver three weeks from today. So for three weeks we are visiting with family!! Looking forward to making some memories…


Here are a few pictures from our first days back.

Everyone loves a treat from Starbucks
Any ‘Walking Dead’ fans out there? It is filmed in the city
where I (Jenn) lived in high school (Senoia, GA).
We visited there on Saturday.
Hanging out with family in Senoia, Georgia
Time at the lake
Grandparent Time
Our friend Mr. Chris taught Daniel to
do headstands while we were in Virginia.
We got to see my niece march during half
time on Friday night – the same high school
where I graduated. Weird to go back!
Great to see her as a Marching Indian!


We went out with some of our training buddies to watch the Tennessee game last night.

William was excited to get a William and Mary shirt!

The boys had airport day at school yesterday, where they practiced presenting passports, answering questions about where we are going and why, etc. They made fake passports. Not sure that the strictest of immigration agents could keep a straight face if they had to examine Daniel’s.

We love Cook Out Burger!

Each Sunday night we have cross-cultural worship and last week was European night. Zack and I led a worship song in Norwegian.