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The Stories Behind the People / The People Behind the Stories

We want to invite our Notes from Norge followers on a new journey…Notes from Norge is not going anywhere – we will continue to share about coffee and cultural insights via this blog.

But if you have not already heard, we have started a new site, focused on storytelling. We are seeking to create a platform that has several purposes:

  1. It allows us to get to know more people where we live in and work
  2. It gives us the chance to help support local businesses
  3. It tells personal stories that will encourage and empower those who follow along
  4. It creates a place where people can connect and support one another
So we hope you will continue to follow along here, but will also join us as we share the stories of those around us – and a few of our own as well. We believe that everyone has a story. And everyone needs a chance for their story To Be Told.

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Notes from Norge is now on Facebook!

UPDATED TO ADD: the Facebook page is not replacing the blog. It is simply a vehicle for sharing the blog via another avenue!

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Our page has a specific focus on coffee and culture. We hope to see you there!