Prague. Wow.

We attended a work conference last week in Germany. Our company flew us into and (will fly us) out of Prague. So we decided to tack on a few days at the end of the conference for a quick vacation in Prague!

It is an incredibly beautiful city. Every time we snap a photo, I am sad that we can’t adequately capture the beauty. But here is at least a glimpse of what we’ve been seeing!











Norwegian Summer

Not much I want to write today – just want to share a bit of the beauty that we get to enjoy on a daily basis. Each day we wake up, look out our windows, and say to God, “do we really get to live here?!?!” 🙂
































Three Years

Yesterday, we celebrated three years as a family of four.

Our little man has come a long way in a short time. He is growing up in so many ways. He still keeps us on our toes! But he also keeps us laughing and smiling.
Life with two boys is real-life action adventure. Sometimes the excitement is almost more than a mommy’s heart can handle. But I also love it and can’t imagine it any other way!
Happy Gotcha Day, Daniel!

July Already?

Time is flying – hard to believe we have been in Norway for five months, and out of the US for almost 8 months. We started our training a year ago this month, and life has been an exciting, emotional, incredible whirlwind ever since!Here are a few recent pictures. Enjoy!

Hanging out on a viking ship (a replica
of one that was found in our city)


Charming home in a town we visited last week


This shop had great baked items!


What a scenic area!
This place is about 40 minutes from where we live


We attended our first Sandefjord Fotball game


Zack hanging out in Oslo (Starbucks!) with good friends


First day of school in February/
Last day of school in June


Boat Procession on Midsummer Eve
(June 23 – the longest day of the year here)


Exploring a viking burial ground with friends


The boys love trying new foods. Here,
Daniel is enjoying caviar paste, mackerel
in tomato sauce, and liver paste


One of our new favorites: biffsnadder


We love walking by the whaling monument
in our city


Saw our first Norwegian rainbow last week!


People have to stay in shape for cross-country in the offseason!


We rarely see squirrels here. They are
brown, very small, and have pointy ears!


Hanging with new friends!