Tourists at home – camping in Norway

A few observations on camping in Norway…

  1. In Norway there is something called allemannsretten – it’s the freedom to roam, or the right of every man. You can read a little about it here (it’s wikipedia, so might not be perfect). But for camping, it means you can camp almost anywhere, as long as you are the permitted minimum distance from homes (100 meters)/other people, you don’t stay more than 2 nights, and you leave the place the way you found it. Fabulous!
  2. Summer camping here is not like summer camping back in Georgia. It can get COLD! I found myself wearing layers, and sleeping deep in my sleeping bag.
  3. Summer camping here also means it never gets dark. It gets darkER, but there is always some light in the sky. If you are sensitive to light when trying to sleep, I would definitely suggest using a sleep mask!
  4. Sleeping on a plateau area in the mountains? Really COLD! Now I understand always packing wool garments. On our last night we camped on a plateau area of the Dovre National Forest. I woke at one point in the middle of the night, and it was 4 degrees! (39 Fahrenheit)
  5. Engangsgrill – a one-use charcoal grill. Not at all environmentally friendly, I know. But I admit to choosing convenience two nights, and those little grills worked well for what we needed. I apologize to future generations for the damage done to the earth.
  6. Everyone agreed our favorite camping spot was the one we found on our second night (pictured below). We set up right next to the water, in between some amazing mountains. It was close to the road, but the water falls across the street blocked out most of the noise. Incredible!

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