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Tourists at home – Day 3

We left our picture perfect camping spot and hit the road. We’d read about a little village nearby, Fortun, and thought we’d check it out. Continue reading Tourists at home – Day 3

Tourists at home – Day 2

(Read about our tourists at home trip & day 1 details)

After a night where it never really got dark (read about camping in Norway here), we woke and got packed, then hit the road. Our goal today was to find and check out the city of Flåm. Continue reading Tourists at home – Day 2

Tourists at home – Day 1

~Day 1~

We started out driving into Telemark, our neighboring country. We’ve been there several times, but it was a great place to begin. Continue reading Tourists at home – Day 1

Understood Imperfections

I haven’t shared any language-related posts in quite some time. In the past, I’ve share some of our misunderstandings and blunders, as well as some words we find useful or just really like.

But sometimes we stumble upon things we realize are simply not the same between our two languages, English and Norwegian. And that’s what I’m sharing today. Continue reading Understood Imperfections


There are at least two things that people who know me would likely say are true about me. The first: I love coffee. The second: if you want to know how I feel about something, all you have to do is look at my face.

Both of these things about me can be traced back to one woman who has had a significant impact on my first 40 years of life. Continue reading Goodbyes

Wrap it up

One thing I love here is how easy gift-wrapping is. In America, it was either not an option, or you had to pay a fee if you wanted a purchase wrapped at the store.

Not in Norway! Continue reading Wrap it up