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Fun with family

Like last year, Jenn’s mom and her husband came for a visit during the boys’ fall break. We had just finished up a visit from a colleague and a week with our first volunteer team, so we were a bit tired when they arrived. But even though we kept things low key this visit, I think everyone had a great time!


















A taste of the USA

We had a great time with our first volunteer team a couple of weeks ago. Eleven folks from Cross Pointe Church spent just over a week in Norway. We enjoyed introducing them to our country, the food, friends, and other things that we’ve come to love over the past 20 months.

We appreciated their energy, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn. We enjoyed their support and encouragement. We loved introducing them to our friends and local partners here. And we were grateful for the way they approached every day with a heart for serving.
And as if that was not enough, they also surprised us with lots of gifts and treats. You should have seen the boys’ faces light up over Pop-Tarts, macaroni and cheese, muffin mix, candy, toys, and so many other things.





Det som du er, vær fullt og helt, ikke stykkevis og delt

Daniel i Oslo, med et sitat av Henrik Ibsen (Takk til vennen vår Alan – en flott bilde!)
Daniel in Oslo, with a quote by Henrik Ibsen (Thanks to our friend Alan – a great picture!)

More visitors

We are winding down from our fall break. What makes a week off from school even better? A visit from family!!
My (Jenn) mom and step-dad came for their first visit to Norway. We had a great time! We toured Oslo, spent a few hours in Sweden, met up with quite a few local friends, shared more about our work here, went for a few small hikes, and enjoyed lots of good food, including some traditional Norwegian cuisine. It was a wonderful visit, and we miss them already!

Colonial Williamsburg

We are still alive, just busy! The last post was about William being sick. Unfortunately he ended up with pneumonia, but he is all better now.
Training is going great. Only 2 1/2 weeks left. We are definitely on information overload.
We had a great time last Saturday in Williamsburg. Josh and Savannah (Zack’s brother & his wife) came up for the weekend. And despite lots of rain, it was an awesome visit! We are so grateful to them for a fun time together.
Here are a few pictures from Williamsburg.