Norwegian Norms

Ten random observations about the country we now call home…*

  1. If you own only one pair of shoes, that pair of shoes is going to be suitable for hiking. And that pair of shoes will also keep you upright in icy conditions.
  2. If you own two pairs of shoes, the second is likely a pair of Converse.
  3. When you leave home in the morning, you will be prepared for anything. It might rain. At times it might snow. And there’s always the chance you will go on a walk or hike or bike ride (see #1).
  4. Norwegian waffles are great. Like, insanely delicious. But they are not a breakfast food.
  5. When you eat norwegian waffles (sometime after breakfast, of course), you should have brunost on hand. And/or jam & sour cream.
  6. Slow down. At least outside of the major cities, people are not in such a hurry. Drivers rarely honk their horns, and always.always.ALWAYS stop for pedestrians. When people visit in your home, they don’t rush off. When people invite you to their home, they make you feel welcome and are very hospitable.
  7. If the sun is out, you should be, too. (See #1 and #3)
  8. Those shoes I talked about in #1 & 2? Take them off at the door. Oh, how I love this rule! Don’t wear your shoes in someone’s house. It makes sense. They’re dirty, and they’ll bring in lots of yuck onto the (most of the time) beautiful hardwood floors. So wear decent socks!
  9. The price you see on the shelf at the store? Yeah, that price includes tax. So no need for calculating the total cost in your head. Love this, too!
  10. If you can’t eat gluten, I’m sorry. You’re going to miss out on some of our favorite things here. Brod. Boller. Kanelboller. Klippekake. Skolebrod. Vaffler. So many good breads and pastries! Of course, there are lots of other good foods to try. But now it all probably makes sense. If you’ve noticed us looking a little heavier in recent photos, you now know why!
*this is intended to be humorous. We hope our Norwegian friends will see it as such… We love this country 🙂