Kaffetur 31 / Coffee Tour #31: Faro, Rome (Italy)

My tastes have changed quite a bit over the past four or five years, and particularly when it comes to coffee. I think living in Scandinavia will do that to you. The light roasted goodness from a small batch Nordic roaster is unique and, in a word, amazing.

So as we prepared for our visit to Italy – our family Christmas gift to each other, because we’re trying to choose experiences over stuff – I wasn’t all that keen on what our daily coffee fix would look like. I considered taking coffee gear with us, but wasn’t sure what our accommodations would offer. So I tried to remind myself that there are more important things than coffee – at least for those few days in December.

But just days before we departed, the clouds parted and the forecast shifted, so to speak.

First, I learned that Rome is known for cappuccino. It’s never been my drink of choice, but according to my friend Lauren, they are the best she’s tasted anywhere in the world. Okay, I’m game.

But the more exciting news came when I happened to see a post in  the Facebook group Third Wave Wichteln – my usual go-to for coffee shop research. A gentleman by the name of Dario posted that he and some friends were just about to open what they considered to be Rome’s very first third wave coffee shop.

A few Facebook messages later, we found ourselves invited to either a private preview or the grand opening of Rome’s Faro – Luminari del Caffè. We chose the latter, and what a treat it was!

So this trip was packed with a number of firsts. Our first time to Rome – and to Italy, for that matter. Our first time seeking out cappuccino – and Lauren was right. And our first time to attend a coffee shop opening.

Daro Fociani invited us to meet his dream-come-true. And I must say that Faro – the Italian word for lighthouse – is certainly a beacon of light among the status quo of typical Italian bars. Don’t get me wrong: the Romans can make cappuccino in a way I never knew possible. I truly have never tasted anything quite like it.

And yet, the eternal city had been missing out on the third wave, the beauty of the specialty coffee market.

But not anymore.

Faro has entered the scene with a bang, converting an old corner shop into a beautiful blend of classic Italian style and hip coffee shop vibes. They’ve taken on specialty coffee, and jumped on the third wave with confidence, artistry and skill.

The shop currently offers specialty roasts from Gardelli in Italy and The Barn in Berlin. Both are excellent.

Add to that skilled and friendly baristas, quality equipment, delicious food and an attractive atmosphere – and I think it’s safe to say Rome is officially in the specialty coffee game!

Thanks to Dario, PR Consultant Dafne Spadavecchia, and the rest of the fantastic Faro team. You’re showing the world that the Third Wave has reached Rome, and that you guys are in it full-force, ready to lead the way. 

When in Rome – be sure to stop by Faro Luminari del Caffè:
Via Piave 55
00187 Rome
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/farorome/

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