Tourists at home – Day 1

~Day 1~

We started out driving into Telemark, our neighboring country. We’ve been there several times, but it was a great place to begin.

We can sit in the car for 90 minutes, and go from our coastal town (which is also beautiful!) to some pretty amazing mountain views.

We stopped in front of Vemork and had a picnic lunch. (we’d been to the museum before, so we didn’t visit this time around)

We drove to Rjukan’s krossobanen (cable car), took the ride up, and went for a nice mountaintop hike, before walking back down the hill.

After driving a bit more, we pulled off the road and found a spot to camp for the night. It wasn’t ideal – so many mosquitoes – but it worked!

A quick dinner of burgers, and it was off to bed!

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