Day 25: 25 Days of Santa

Our final Santa for the countdown. They were in no particular order, but this one is quite special to me. 

I cannot remember a Christmas my entire life when I didn’t see this guy. Multiples of him in fact – at my grandmother’s and my great-grandmother’s homes. They always sat on the back of their sofas. The classic Coca-Cola Santa, with the tiny iconic bottle in his grip. p1110061

It’s particularly bittersweet to see this jolly elf under the tree this year, as it’s the first year without my grandmother. I remember the year she gave me this Santa. And of all the wonderful memories I have of my time with her.

Merry Christmas.

One thought on “Day 25: 25 Days of Santa”

  1. Love–this one is my favorite! There was one at my grandparents’ (though he lost his Coke bottle) and eventually at my parents’ house, too, when they re-released him one year.

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