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Coming off a school break and getting back into routine can be tough. And it’s particularly tough when it comes on the tail-end of a visit from the grandparents.

That was the situation we found ourselves in this weekend. Saturday morning started with an airport run, saying farewell to my mom & stepdad as they travelled back to the other side of the ocean. And as we did that we also knew Monday was coming, and with it, the return of normal school and work routines.

And while we knew all of this was coming, it didn’t make it any less of a bummer. So we were all feeling a bit down. And since we had to drive through Oslo to get back home anyway, we decided to stop in the city for a while.

A little  coffee therapy in one of the best coffee towns in the world.

One piece of news in particular had swayed our decision to take a slight detour. Our favorite coffee roaster, Tim Wendelboe, was holding a two-hour ‘garage sale’, selling off test roasts and equipment at some pretty amazing prices.

So we began meandering our way through the city, stopping at another favorite coffee shop along the way, Supreme Roastworks. We grabbed a couple bags of our favorite beans there, then walked on to Wendelboe’s Grünerløkka cafe.

As soon as we walked in, we knew we had gone to the wrong place. I guess maybe it’s a bit typical for us, missing a critical detail. But I looked back at Facebook and realized the event was actually at Wendelboe’s lab, across town.

Another 20+ minute walk, we made our way into the lab. It was our first time at this location, and we found ourselves in an über cool space. One of the baristas offered us a free cup of coffee, but unfortunately they had sold all the merchandise in their first 30 minutes. We were a little disappointed.

But disappointment turned to enthusiasm when we spotted Tim Wendelboe himself.

The boys walked over and asked if they could have their picture made with him. That led to a nice conversation, which led to Tim Wendelboe brewing us all a delicious cup of coffee.

For those not into coffee, this was a big deal. How can I put it? I would say Tim Wendelboe is to coffee as Michael Jordan is to basketball. As Babe Ruth was to baseball. It would be like walking into a restaurant, and suddenly Jaime Oliver is standing in front of you and preparing your meal.

Yeah, even though we didn’t get to buy anything, it was still like one bonus on top of another. Tim brewing our coffee. And not just any coffee, but a geisha bean. And via a totally cool brewing method we’d never experienced before.

We geeked out a bit, to be honest. It was a coffee experience we won’t soon forget.

You can learn more about Tim Wendelboe by visiting their website. And may we recommend their coffee subscription program, offered worldwide. We’ve been members for several years now, and it’s always such a treat to get a new shipment in the mail each month. 

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