School time for everyone!

It’s not just the kiddos that are back in school. Zack and I are getting back into our learning regiment as well. Last week we took the placement test for language class. And yesterday we began classes again.

This week is a bit more informal, filling time while they review the placement tests an get everyone into the right classes. They did an initial subdivision into groups Monday and somehow we ended up in a class with people who’ve been in language school (& Norway) much longer than we have. While the first two days have been exhausting, we are trying to remember that this more challenging scenario is good because it will make us study more.
But we are sad that we won’t get to learn alongside out friends from our first class!
Here’s goes round two…

Back to school

Once again, we find ourselves beginning another school year. This is the boys’ second year at their international school (their first full year there). William is beginning PY5 (primary year 5), and Daniel begins PY2. Both seem happy about the new year.

We are happy, too. Happy that for the first time since October of 2011, they are entering a school NOT as the new kids. It was encouraging to see them walk confidently to the building. Encouraging to see faculty and staff greet them by name. Encouraging to see their smiles as they were reunited with friends.

Looking forward to a new year and new opportunities!