Tourists at home – Day 3

We left our picture perfect camping spot and hit the road. We’d read about a little village nearby, Fortun, and thought we’d check it out. We drove to it, but there wasn’t much to see. I think it’s a good spot to start a lot of hikes, but we had a quick picnic for breakfast and then started the drive towards Lom.

The drive was really pretty, with lots of mountains and a little bit of snow.

Next stop was Lom, a village known as the gateway to some of Norway’s highest mountains. We walked around, had some pastries, and sat by the water for a while. And I couldn’t get over the color of the water there – it was almost electric blue!

Leaving Lom, we drove to Dalsnibba. At 1500 meters, it is Europe’s highest fjord view by road. And it was pretty spectacular.

So Day 3 was lots of driving, but also some really incredible views. We had a hard time finding a good spot to camp that night, but finally found a place somewhere in the Dovre National Forest.

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