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One thing I love here is how easy gift-wrapping is. In America, it was either not an option, or you had to pay a fee if you wanted a purchase wrapped at the store.

Not in Norway!

IMG_3934In many stores, you can let them know your item is a gift and ask them to wrap it.

Yesterday I bought flowers for a friend. When the lady behind the counter found out it was a gift, she carefully wrapped it in brightly colored tissue. Often they’ll add ribbon, stickers, or other embellishments.

And even if that service isn’t available, you’re likely to find a station like the one pictured here.

Paper, tape, ribbon, and scissors – all at your disposal, and at no extra cost.

Clothing stores, gift shops, toy stores, sporting good stores, discount retail chains… I’ve even seen them at grocery and hardware stores!

And at Christmas, you can find wrapping stations located throughout the public areas of the mall.

It definitely takes a bit of stress away from gift-giving when you don’t have to remember if you have any gift wrap at home!

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  1. Or having to worry about bringing it slyly into the house so others don’t see it before you have a chance to wrap it. That’s awesome! 🙂

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