Norwegian food: Havregryn (healthy food #3)

The Five Healthiest Foods in Norway (original post here) – at number three was oatmeal.

The nutritionists that participated in the study encouraged the importance of whole grains. Oatmeal is a good source of fiber, vitamin B, iron and other important minerals. (I also like the way it leaves you feeling full for quite a while.)We eat quite a bit of oatmeal. I probably cook it an average of three times every week for breakfast. I use it when making multigrain bread. And it is a major component of the granola I make as well. The boys love it, especially with a bit of jam mixed in.

It seems the majority of people eat oatmeal with something sweet added, whether it be fruit, jam, or cinnamon and sugar. I am a bit odd in that I prefer mine with butter, a splash of milk, and a little salt. I blame it on my mom; that’s how she gave it to me when I was growing up. So sweet oatmeal is really weird to me!

(noun) Oatmeal.

Used in a sentence
Vi spiser havregryn omtrent tre ganger hver uke.
(We eat oatmeal about three times each week.)

Related Words
havre – oats
fullkorn – wholegrain
grøt – porridge
jern – iron

One thought on “Norwegian food: Havregryn (healthy food #3)”

  1. Our girls are there with you, though they eat theirs completely plain–no sweet, no salt. That's how I started fixing it for them when they were little, and the thought of adding something sweet to it is odd to them.

    Question about your Norwegian sentences: the words are written in the same order as the English sentence. If you were writing or speaking to a native Norwegian, would the sentence be structured that way, or would some of the words be moved around?

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