Day 3: 25 Days of Santa

Santa number three was a freebie.

I used to love Hallmark. Historically a greeting card store, it was also a great place for all kinds of gift items. p1110033

And at Christmas, Hallmark would come alive with all types of decorations, Christmas wrapping, and ornaments.

Oh, the ornaments. We loved going each year to see the new ones they had to offer.

In 2003, we were invited to a Christmas party and ornament exchange. Everyone who attended was asked to bring an ornament for a gift swap.

So off to Hallmark we went. And what luck Рthey were running a special that offered a free Santa with the purchase of two other ornaments.

I thought he was cute thirteen years ago. Now, I’m thinking he’s borderline hipster. Even cuter – a hipster Santa!

Have you ever been to an ornament swap or white elephant gift exchange? What treasure did you walk away with?

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