Day 4: 25 Days of Santa

I am probably one of the least athletic people you’ll ever meet. I enjoy watching sports, particularly college football. But my athletic skills are seriously lacking.

Kind of funny, given I married a guy who grew up playing pretty much every sport available to him.

My sports-minded husband was determined to find something active we could do together. And so we set out to give golf a try.

p1110029While I’m no pro – far from it – I loved playing. It was something Zack had never tried before. And that was a bonus for me because it meant we could learn together.

I also enjoyed it because it was something we could do with my grandfather – and I love any excuse to hang out more with him!

We are both all-or-nothing personalities. So we were 100% into our new activity. Good gear, a few lessons at a pro shop, and lots of hours of swinging at a little white ball.

Today’s Santa is our golfer. He’s really cute, holding his
specially-tailored belly putter, and sporting Payne Stewart-ish plaid knickers. My grandfather bought him for us one year when we spent a weekend at the beach together.

We don’t golf anymore. Parenthood and hours on a golf course don’t really mix. But the clubs are waiting in storage, and I can imagine us picking this hobby up again one day.

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