Day 2: 25 Days of Santa

A Santa?

p1110032A lightbulb?

A Christmas ornament? 

Yes, that’s today’s Santa of the Day.

And yet, this Santa is much more than that. Not only is he cute and creative, but he’s also a part of a special story.

Our friends Gene and Keri were already parents to one beautiful daughter from China, and felt that it was God’s plan for them to adopt again. So they followed their hearts, and began the process of returning to China. And as a fundraiser to help with adoption expenses, they sold handcrafted Christmas ornaments.

adoptionWe bought two: this one, and a snowman. I love adoption, and I love when we can support forever families.

Every time we get these ornaments out at Christmas, I think of their family, and of their sweet second daughter.

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