Alternative Coffee

Can I just say how much I love this man of mine? I wrote a little about him last week for our anniversary (that blog post can be found HERE).I think most people that know Zack would agree that he is laid back, easy to talk to, friendly, funny, and passionate. If he likes something, he’s all in. He doesn’t typically do things half way.

Yeah, when Zack has an interest in something, he tries to learn as much as he can about it. And coffee is no different. In the past couple of years, and particularly the last year or so, he has been delving into the world of coffee. He hasn’t made it to the level of roasting at home as some of our friends have, but he has gotten quite enthusiastic learning about non-traditional coffee processes.

This weekend, he had the opportunity to show some of our friends a bit of what he has learned so far. It was fun watching him as he worked with his V60 and AeroPress, and shared a recent batch of cold brewed coffee as well.

If there is one thing that is quite common in Norway, it is an enthusiasm for coffee. So perhaps Zack is living in the right place…

Not sure if you can see it well in the pics, but
he is sporting a really cool coffee shirt we picked
up in Gothenburg last week at Da Mateo.

Kaffetur 8 / Coffee Tour #8: Octane, Atlanta

Jumping continents for this week’s edition of our kaffetur… let’s hop over to North America and the USA!A couple of months ago I took a quick last-minute trip to the states. On my way to the Atlanta airport to fly back home to Norway, I asked my dad if we could swing by a coffee shop I had read about.


Octane Coffee has several locations in the Atlanta metro area, as well as a couple of shops in Birmingham (Alabama). I had read lots of positive reviews. Various Atlanta publications frequently rate it as the best coffee house in the city. And Travel + Leisure included it on its list of America’s Coolest Coffee Houses.  So while I wasn’t feeling well at the time, I knew I had to at least stop by to see the shop and pick up some beans.

I visited their Grant Park location. Trendy neighborhood, great views, good vibe. Parking was a bit tough to come by, but we finally managed to secure a spot.

Inside, the cafe had a sleek, modern and clean feel. Neutral palette, wood and metal, and exposed ceilings.  (plus plenty of plaid shirts buttoned all the way up to the top – so very hipster)

The staff was friendly. They seemed quite knowledgeable about the products they offered.

They partner with the Little Tart Bakeshop to offer a nice selection of pastries and baked goods.


I picked up a bag of their Ethiopian, as well as their Super Regular blend. I really wanted to try a coffee and something from the bakery counter, but just wasn’t feeling up to it. But I could see by the volume of people lounging around and coming in and out on a Friday mid-afternoon that this place knows its stuff.

And once I got home and we brewed up a cup of each, I became a believer as well. The Ethiopian was good. Really good. And yet, something happened that took us by surprise. We both fell in love with their Super Regular.

Yes, a blend. Go figure.

I look forward to visiting Octane again – probably multiple times – when we are in the states the end of this year.