Kaffetur 8 / Coffee Tour #8: Octane, Atlanta

Jumping continents for this week’s edition of our kaffetur… let’s hop over to North America and the USA!A couple of months ago I took a quick last-minute trip to the states. On my way to the Atlanta airport to fly back home to Norway, I asked my dad if we could swing by a coffee shop I had read about.


Octane Coffee has several locations in the Atlanta metro area, as well as a couple of shops in Birmingham (Alabama). I had read lots of positive reviews. Various Atlanta publications frequently rate it as the best coffee house in the city. And Travel + Leisure included it on its list of America’s Coolest Coffee Houses.  So while I wasn’t feeling well at the time, I knew I had to at least stop by to see the shop and pick up some beans.

I visited their Grant Park location. Trendy neighborhood, great views, good vibe. Parking was a bit tough to come by, but we finally managed to secure a spot.

Inside, the cafe had a sleek, modern and clean feel. Neutral palette, wood and metal, and exposed ceilings.  (plus plenty of plaid shirts buttoned all the way up to the top – so very hipster)

The staff was friendly. They seemed quite knowledgeable about the products they offered.

They partner with the Little Tart Bakeshop to offer a nice selection of pastries and baked goods.


I picked up a bag of their Ethiopian, as well as their Super Regular blend. I really wanted to try a coffee and something from the bakery counter, but just wasn’t feeling up to it. But I could see by the volume of people lounging around and coming in and out on a Friday mid-afternoon that this place knows its stuff.

And once I got home and we brewed up a cup of each, I became a believer as well. The Ethiopian was good. Really good. And yet, something happened that took us by surprise. We both fell in love with their Super Regular.

Yes, a blend. Go figure.

I look forward to visiting Octane again – probably multiple times – when we are in the states the end of this year.

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