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A Super Cool Mom’s Day Gift

I just realized that I never shared the creative and totally cool gift that I received for [American] Mother’s Day from my boys.On the Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend, they encouraged me to go out into the city for a few hours for shopping and coffee. I figured that was my gift: a bit of time to just walk leisurely through town.

But when I woke up that Sunday morning, they were excited for me to sit down in front of the television and watch what they had made for me. It is a gift that I will treasure for years to come!


I mess up at this motherhood thing. Often. But I have two boys that I love unconditionally, and I am grateful that I am the one they call mommy. They keep me on my toes, teach me so many life lessons, and love me despite my flaws. What an overwhelmingly terrifying, humbling, beautiful and amazing role I have been given. 

Mothers Day… isn’t always so happy

Several years ago, I served as a writer for Examiner. One article I shared in 2010 expressed my thoughts on Mother’s Day. At the time I was mom to one little cutie.
Since American Mother’s Day is this Sunday, I thought I would share the [slightly modified] text of the article below. You can read the original post HERE.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
For a number of years, I avoided Mother’s Day like a plague. I was perfectly content to remain holed up in my house, blinds closed, eating chocolate and waiting for the day to be over.
I so wanted to be a mother. But for me, Mother’s Day served as a harsh reality check.

You see, my dream wasn’t to be pregnant. My vision had nothing to do with maternity clothes. I battle my weight enough as it is, thank you very much.

I wasn’t one to “ooh” and “aah” over newborn garments. I never longed to go through the birth process.

No, my dream was to wear the hat of cheerleader, chef, housekeeper, chauffer, referee, nurse, and general multi-tasker. I longed to put our child to bed, read him a story, sing him a song, say prayers together, and tuck him in.

On a day like this, extra attention in the form of hugs or conversation might be the opposite of what she desires. But you could take the time to buy a card, write a thoughtful note, send some flowers, or give her a give certificate for a spa service. Find a way to let her know you care!


I found myself skipping church almost every Mother’s Day. I couldn’t bear another year where I remained in my seat while the pastor asked all of the mothers in the congregation to stand and be recognized.


I looked forward to nights of being frazzled and exhausted, realizing that I didn’t get half the things done that I intended to… but happy knowing that I spent time with him instead.
I dreamt of teaching him new things, watching him learn, and taking him new places. I longed to fix his boo-boos, calm his fears, and wipe away tears. I couldn’t wait to tickle him and hug him, and remind him over and over that I love him.
Our firsts weren’t about teeth or steps. Instead, we beamed the first time he called us Mommy & Daddy, the first time he saw the ocean, the first time he told us what he learned in Sunday School, the first time he sincerely said ‘I love you’.
My dream wasn’t tied around the idea of a baby. My dream was to be a mom. And in late 2007, that dream came true. Mother’s Day 2010 will be the third I celebrate as my son’s mother.
I look back to just a few years ago, and remember how hard Mother’s Day was. I look at it now with delight and excitement. God allowed me to become a mother in HIS timing. We arrived in our son’s birth country at the exact time we needed to in order to add him to our family.
As we approach Mother’s Day, consider those ladies close to you that might be struggling. Perhaps infertility haunts her. Or it could be she’s lost a child. Maybe she is stuck in the seemingly endless paperwork of adoption. Or maybe she gave a child up for adoption. Whatever their struggle, it’s likely not an easy day for her. 


On a day like this, extra attention in the form of hugs or conversation might be the opposite of what she desires. But you could take the time to buy a card, write a thoughtful note, send some flowers, or give her a give certificate for a spa service. Find a way to let her know you care!

Honor a mom, help those who don’t have one #NoMom4MothersDay

Today is Mother’s Day in America. In a couple of hours, moms all over the country will start waking up to hugs, coffee, breakfast and gifts from children who love them and want to celebrate them.At the same time, there are children all over the world who have no one in their life that holds the role of mother. The Agapao Movement is addressing this issue for a group of children in India. They are currently working with these children, and raising funds to build a home for them: a safe place where they can grow and learn.

As many of you celebrate your moms or grandmothers, honor your wives, remember moms who are no longer with you… think also of these children in India. Today, you can do something to honor these ladies in your life AND help these children at the same time.

From now until midnight on Mother’s Day 2014, Agapao is asking for your support with a $10.00 donation to help complete the home they are building in India.

The process is simple and tax-deductible, and 100% of your donation goes to the construction project.

To make a $10.00 donation in honor of or in memory of a mom in your life, visit THIS SITE.

Zack and I have made donations in honor of both of our moms. We love you both, and are so thankful for the way you raised each of us to love others and to share what we believe through both words and actions. Thank you each for making sacrifices so that we always had a mom to come home to every day.

Zack having dinner with his parents,
and my mom & step-dad earlier this year


Mom and me, during her visit to Norway last year