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Kaffetur 13 / Coffee Tour #13: Fuglen, Oslo

Kaffekos. (Kaffe = coffee. Kos comes from the Norwegian word koselig. You can read about it HERE)
For me, kaffekos is a critical factor, and a single word that describes the whole coffee experience.
It’s the perfect combination of excellent coffee and an atmosphere where you’re able to sit, relax, and really enjoy your drink. No feeling of being rushed, but plenty to see while you sit and sip.


A couple of years ago, a friend introduced us to his favorite shop in Oslo. And so began our courtship with Fuglen (The Bird) in Oslo.
Seriously, the place looks like a set straight from Mad Men. And if you like what you see, you can do more than just envy its retro-chic styling. Everything from the furniture to the lamps is available for purchase.
After having an amazing cup of coffee, stop by their shop a couple of doors down and tell them what you’d like. And if you’re tight on luggage space, order online and have it shipped.

Fuglen has kaffekos. It is kaffekos.


The shop got its start back in 1963. And taking a look around the place, one might notice that the decor pays homage to the cafe’s 60’s roots. In fact, I always half expect to find  Don Draper lounging on one of the sofas.
Yes, the styling of Fuglen is cool. But that isn’t what keeps us coming back.
As you would expect, Fuglen’s baristas typically hit the hipster image on all cylinders. And yet, while their plaid shirts, wayfarer frames and perfectly tailored beards are iconic, they aren’t so overpowering that you miss out on their exceptional coffee knowledge.
Yeah, these folks know their stuff.
And it’s not just their knowledge and friendliness that makes this a frequent stop for us. It all comes down to the coffee they serve. Excellent equipment, proven expertise, and only the best beans.
If you see it on the shelf, you can try it in your cup. We typically choose something from Tim Wendelboe or Drop Coffee. On my last visit, I enjoyed Tim’s Nano Challa Heirloom. Incredible.
Don’t let the light color fool you. This was not at all weak. It was one of the smoothest and most flavorful cups I’ve had in quite a while.
But no matter what you order – pour over, espresso, coffee drink, or cocktail – you can expect a memorable drink and a memorable experience.
Yes, when we first stepped into Fuglen, we definitely found our Oslo dose of kaffekos.
Fuglen has cafe locations in Oslo, Tokyo, and New York.
For more info, check out Fuglen online. If you are in Oslo, this is our number one recommendation for the perfect combination of cool atmosphere and quality coffee.

One Day in Oslo

As I took the bus from the city center of Oslo out to Bygdøy, the island that is home to several well-known museums, I struck up a conversation with a lady from Florida. She was spending the day in the city, along with her husband, 13 year old son, younger daughter, and mother, as a brief stop on their European cruise. She asked what I considered the must-see spots if you only have a day in the city.


Ironic she would ask this, as I was doing just that: showing my niece my favorite spots in about 10 hours.
We purchased 24-hour transit passes, to help us make the most of our time. If you plan to use public more than twice in a 24-hour period, it makes sense to buy this pass.


From Oslo S, we took the 30 bus towards Bygdøy and got off at Vikingskiphuset. The bus stop is a 2 minute walk to the Viking Ship Museum entrance.
This is my favorite museum. Not overly large, but really cool. One of the ships was originally discovered in our city, Sandefjord, and another discovered in our neighboring town on Tønsberg.
We took the bus back towards the city. We exited at Aker Brygge and walked over to Karl Johans Gate.
Lunch was at Deli de Luca. With locations all over the city, I really love this place. I have yet to order anything I didn’t enjoy. Sandwiches, calzone, wraps, salad, dessert, ice cream, drinks, coffee. And I especially like the Karl Johans location. Indoor and outdoor seating, just across from parliament, and great people watching!
After lunch, we took the trolley to Frogner Park and the Vigeland sculptures. Also known by many as ‘the naked statue park’. The statue exhibition is extensive and impressive. There are almost always bus loads of tourists milling about. In the summer, the massive green space plays host to hundreds of carefree locals and tourists, enjoying the sun, a picnic, biking and exercise. Anna and I took time to explore more of the park than I ever have before. And even so, I still have much left to discover on future visits
We took the trolley back to Aker Brygge, where we walked around a bit, took some photos of the fortress, and then stopped at Espresso House for a cold coffee (it was really warm in Oslo today!!).


We checked into our hotel (CityBox Oslo is a great budget-friendly, no frills hotel in the city center), and then set out for another stop. A critical stop, in fact, in my quick must-see Oslo tour. Fuglen is our favorite cafe in Oslo. I will be writing about it on the coffee tour soon, but suffice it to say that it is on the top of our cafe list!


After coffee, and some really bad walking navigation on my part, we grabbed a pizza at Dolly Dimple’s. From there, we walked to the palace for a few photos, and then strolled the full stretch back down Karl Johan’s.


We finished up the evening walking up to the top of the Opera House.


If you have more time, I can recommend quite a few other top spots. But this tour seemed just right for us: we managed to squeeze in some shopping here and there, and never felt really rushed. We had a great day!