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More November Highlights

November is already gone – hard to believe! We are almost three weeks into our nine week visit – and we have been BUSY! In addition to multiple Thanksgiving meals (and WAY too much food) we…

  • Helped decorate for Christmas
  • Had amazing pizza in Atlanta
  • Visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden Christmas light display
  • Enjoyed two open house events
  • Had a visit from Sasha
  • Found several cool walking trails
  • Celebrated Jenn’s 40th
  • Celebrated Zack’s dad’s birthday
  • Checked out a coffee shop in Atlanta
  • Went on a boat ride (yes, in November!)
  • Went fishing
  • Ate Mexican food… several times
  • Spent the night several times with grandparents, great-grandparents, and lots of aunts, uncles and cousins













Celebrating our 10 year old

We had fun celebrating Daniel yesterday. As is customary, he got to pick the meals and cake. We started with his favorite breakfast, pancakes. Then he took blueberry muffins to school to share with his class. When he got home, he opened his gifts and cards (thanks to everyone that sent cards, gifts, messages, videos, etc). Then we had homemade pizza for dinner.And for dessert, Zack and I attempted to fulfill Daniel’s cake request. He loves the movie Eight Below. And he loves – I mean LOVES – dogs, and especially huskies. So we made a cookies and cream cake shaped like an igloo, decorated with Lego huskies. He was thrilled with it, and that is what matters after all!

We’ll conclude the celebration this weekend with an evening of pizza and bowling.

Double Digits: Daniel is 10 years old!

Hard to believe, but the youngest in our family has now entered the double-digit world. Ten years ago today, a baby boy was born that would bring joy, laughter, and lots of excitement into our lives.

We are so incredibly thankful that God has allowed us to be his parents, and thankful for what a sweet, thoughtful, fun-loving, energetic, and passionate young man he is.

Happy Birthday, Daniel – we love you to the moon and back!
















November. So.Very.Dark

We had heard that November can be the toughest month living in Norway. And as we endure make it through experience our second November here, I have to agree.

The days are short. Right now sunrise is around 8:25 AM and currently sunset is at 3:45 (15:45) in the afternoon.
The [lack of] daylight is not really a problem once it is colder, because then we have a good chance of having some snow. And snow helps brighten things up. But lately our high temperature has hovered around 5 C (41F), without much of a dip at night. Add to that the fact that it has rained almost nonstop for at least the last two weeks, and it can be a little depressing.
But then again, chilly wet weather in November means
~more opportunities for coffee and hot chocolate
~more chances to slow down and just chill a bit
~Christmas isn’t too far off! We are beginning to see signs of the holiday season in our city.And November also means Thanksgiving, and my (Jenn’s) birthday…

And occasionally other fun surprises. (Stay tuned)

So even though it isn’t the most glamorous month, maybe November isn’t so bad after all!
Lights in the city – this was around
4:30 in the afternoon two weeks ago!


Celebrating my birthday with friends – fun!

Happy Birthday Nana / Homesick

Most days this place feels like home. But occasionally something will hit out of nowhere.  It can be quite random, and usually catches me by surprise.

And so it was today. As I looked at pictures on Facebook of my grandmother’s early birthday dinner from last night, the homesickness sunk in.

For me, homesickness is not about a place, but more about memories and people. And today, it is about my grandparents.
My Nana & D’Daddy hold such a special place in my heart. Incredible grandparents that they are, they are really like a bonus set of parents to me. As a child, I think I spent almost as much time at their house as I did my own.
My Nana served me my first cup of coffee. That was just one of the bonuses of sleepovers with them: a kid-sized mug once used by mom and her siblings, with more milk and sugar than coffee. Also included was the chance to stay up late and watch the Johnny Caraon monologue with my grandfather (though I think he watched part of it through his eyelids!).
I remember baking snickerdoodles at Christmas, enjoying weekly Sunday dinner at their house, playing makeover with the Avon and Mary Kay samples tucked into the 50’s-era Barbie lunchbox, and so much more. If I had a dance recital, band concert or chorus performance, they were always there. They are so strong in their faith in Jesus, and committed to serving others through ministries at church and in their community. And the way they honor each other in their marriage is something that I’ve kept with me over the past sixteen years as well.
So while homesickness creeps around, I can also sit and enjoy the memories and the impact that both of them have on my life. What a blessing they are to me and so many others!
Happy birthday, Nana. I hope you enjoyed your fiesta last night. And hope you have a wonderful day today!