Day 10: 25 Days of Santa

We lived in Vancouver briefly before moving to Norway. 

Three and a half rainy months. I think we had a total of about 5 days in that time where we didn’t have either rain or snow (and the snow was a premium, only a handful of those glorious days).

Yes, living in Vancouver in the fall and winter taught us a bit about the art of not letting the weather alter your plans.  If you’re going to wait for good weather, you might be waiting until spring. Just put on your rain gear, and go enjoy whatever is out there.

Such was the case when we attended Vancouver’s Christmas Market. Set in the beautiful tradition of Germany Christmas Markets, it was quite magical, despite the constant drizzle and rain.

We enjoyed rides and hot cider and delicious stollen. And we bought a box of these tiny Santa ornaments. They fit perfectly on the miniature tree we had that year. And now they are scattered all over our tree in Norway, as a sweet little reminder of our time in Vancouver.p1110037

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