Coffee Art

Last summer, we had an afternoon layover in Amsterdam, so we took the train into the city for a few hours. And we popped into Urban Outfitters. Not for the reason that most might visit it, but because we happened to see something about coffee.


Turns out, Amsterdam’s Lot Sixty One Coffee has a pop-up shop right in Urban Outfitters.

We chatted with a guy there and asked about buying some coffee, but they were just closing for a course. So we talked a minute or two more, and then noticed some cool ‘slow IMG_4224coffee’-themed posters and asked about purchasing a couple of them. The barista was super nice, and said we could just have them.

A year later, we finally got around to picking up some inexpensive frames (yay for Ikea!). The posters were an odd size, so we needed to find something creative to work as a mat around them.

As we sat at one of our favorite coffee shops a couple of Sundays ago, Zack came up with an idea. We bought a burlap coffee bag, went home, and got to work.

IMG_4226Lots of cutting and trimming, searching the kitchen for bags from our favorite coffee roasters, and getting our creativity on.

And after a year, we were at last able to hang up our work.

They turned out pretty cool, if I do say so myself!


Lot Sixty One Coffee:

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