What’s it like? Posts about living here…

February 2, 2013 (Oslo) – Is it me, or do we
look a lot different in this picture than now?

We are approaching our two year anniversary of moving to Norway. Wow. Gotta stop and let that one sink in for a second.

Anyway, after almost two years, we continue to get a lot of questions via email or social media about various aspects of living in Europe. I love sharing, and I’ve done quite a few posts in the past about what it’s like.

I plan to continue sharing more of these. And maybe I’ll elaborate on some. If you have a suggestion for this series, feel free to let me know. After two years, there are many things that I don’t even think of as being different or significant anymore, but someone else might be curious about them.

For now, I thought I would revisit them by sharing the links of the previous “What’s It Like” posts here (there are quite a few!):

2 thoughts on “What’s it like? Posts about living here…”

  1. I have followed your insightful blog posts since you left to get William a good few years ago. I so appreciate you giving us personal glimpses into your lives in Norway, but really what we would like to know is how things are going with the real reason you came to Norway. I realize you want to avoid overt gospel words, but is there any way you can let us know how your conversational lives are going with the people around you (other than learning the language)? Thanks so much!

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