It’s a Little Known Fact #wheniwasyounger

I guess I’m dating myself using that title. Of course, if you immediately thought of Cliff Clavin when you read it, you are admitting your age as well 🙂

I have had some pretty cool opportunities in my life so far. Here are some interesting things – aka little know facts – you might not know about me…
I’ve placed a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.
  • I’ve been interviewed on both local news and a national television show about university opportunities via the internet.
  • I met Hillary Rodham Clinton in the First Lady’s Rose Garden.
  • I was once an action hero (not quite, but there was a character on a TV show with my maiden name –
  • Zack and I were ‘models’ for a bridal and formal wear shop on a local TV show
  • I’ve been on the cover of a magazine.
You’ll have to take me at my word for most of these, as they were pre-digital cameras and the photos are back in the states. But I do have proof of the last one. Here I am, cover model at age 3 1/2 for a local cable television magazine 🙂
I would love to hear some of our readers’ little-known-facts!
Have a great weekend!

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