What’s it like: Syttende Mai (Norwegian Constitution Day)

In 12 days, Norway will celebrate the 200 year anniversary of the signing of its constitution.
Before we arrived in Norway, I thought Syttende Mai (the seventeenth of May) would be a celebration something like the Fourth of July in America. And in many ways, it is. Only bigger. WAY bigger.
Over the next couple of weeks we will share some posts about Norway’s constitution day.
For now, here are a couple of cool syttende mai window displays we saw in Oslo last week.


4.mai #thankfulthree

Three things about today…
  1. I really enjoyed our 5-mile walk, including sitting for lunch at the spot pictured below.
  2. I liked watching parts of Daniel’s adoption video. A good reminder of how far he has come!
  3. I was thankful that the boys got to play outside with their friends for a couple of hours.

What are your three positive things about today?

Thinking in Threes #thankfulthree

It is easy to get caught up in complaining, in whining about things that don’t go my way. Circumstances that didn’t suit me, details that threw me off.This is the point in other posts where I might go on to list examples to illustrate my point. But to do that here would be counterproductive.

No. Beginning today, I will try to look for three positive things about each day. Maybe it was three things I loved, or three things I was excited about. Perhaps it was something small that made me smile, or something big that made me proud.

While I won’t share them on the blog every day, I will try to check in periodically with my three things for the day.

I challenge you to find {at least} three things every single day! Feel free to share them via Facebook, Twitter, a comment here, or on your blog. In social media, use the hashtag #thankfulthree .