Closing a Chapter

Today marks the last day of work for Zack. He’s been with the same company for nearly 15 years.Longevity in the workplace is something you don’t see much these days. Seems there’s always a bigger company with a better offer. Sure, he had his share of offers and big promises from other companies. And sure, the company where he is has its flaws – every company does. But his company has been great. Good pay, good benefits, good co-workers, good advancement opportunities, and a value for family and personal life.

He could have gone elsewhere and would probably have made more money. But there really is something to be said for a job that gave him flexibility to attend a school play or take a sick child to the doctor, and one that ended well before dinner time each day so we could all sit down as a family. He rarely had to travel out of town, and we knew he’d be home on weekends.

I’m thankful for the way he provides for our family. We’ve always had everything we need, and more. I’m grateful for his strong work ethic (he had a great model in his dad). What a great example for our boys!

And I’m excited about the beginning of the next chapter of our lives!

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