An Interview with a Gremlin

For those that are new to our blog, Daniel is our younger son and is affectionately referred to as the Gremlin.
If you’ve ever met him, you get it it.
(If not, you’re missing out!)
Today, I thought it would be fun to interview Daniel and let you know how his summer is going and what he has coming up. So here we go…


Jenn: Hi, Daniel.
Daniel: Hi.
J: How are you?
D: Good.
J: How old are you?
D: Seven.
J: What grade did you just finish?
D: Kindergarten.
J: So that means you are…
D: In first grade!
J: What are your favorite things to do?
D: Make a tent, and eat hot dogs, and peanut butter jelly.
J: Is there anything else you like to do?
D: Play. Have fun with my brother. My brother’s named William. And I have a family. I have fun with my family outside.
J: So, tell me about your summer so far.
D: My dad went to ski. I have fun with my Mommy. I watch TV and my hair is spiky. But not right now. I want to have snow so I could go skiing and make a snowman, but it’s hot outside. I don’t know what temperature it is in Norway. I think that’s all.
J: Are there any places you like to go in the summer?
D: Yeah. On my brother’s birthday, we went to Graceland.
J: What is Graceland?
D: It has food. And Elvis used to live there. And it’s very fun to go there. And one time I went to Tennessee.
J: What did you do there?
D: Just run. I run and the sun was hot there. My grandparents took me to the zoo. I loved it. Now we are just talking about it.
J: What else will you do this summer?
D: Go running. And walking. And go to Stone Mountains and have a away party [going away party], and go on a big ship, the cruise ship.
J: Are you going anywhere else this summer?
D: First we’re moving to Virginia.
J: What will you do there?
D: Just run and some walking and kid’s classes.
J: What will you learn?
D: I don’t know. About Jesus. About how to be a MK, a mission kid. About how to be a good friend.
J: Are you excited?
D: Yes.
J: Are you scared?
D: Yes.
J: What will you miss?
D: Adie [our dog]. And Zoe and Dande [in-law’s dogs], and I miss my old house.
J: What are you excited about?
D: To be a MK. And to make new friends. And to tell them about Jesus.
J: Anything else you want to say?
D: No. That’s all. The end.

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