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It’s the little things

The snow finally arrived in Sandefjord early Monday morning. As we left for the hospital just after 6:00, everything was already covered in a nice blanket of white.

You never know when the temperatures will take a swing upward and the snow will change over to rain. So while we have a nice coating of snow (probably around 10-12 inches / 25-30 cm so far this week), Zack wanted to give the boys (and himself!) a chance to go skiing.
So right after school yesterday, they came home, had a snack, and headed out for the cross-country trails. Zack said they did great, and they all seemed to have a lot of fun. I’m disappointed I won’t get to join in this year,  but glad they are able to enjoy a fun activity, that also just so happens to be free! I hope the snow will stick around long enough for them to go out a few more times.


Tønsberg Tønne

The Tønsberg Tønne (translated Tønsberg Barrel) is a an old beacon at the tip of Tønsberg Fjord in Sandefjord. We went there Sunday morning for a hike with friends. The weather was overcast and around 6 C (43 F): good hiking weather! It really is a great hiking spot and the weather cooperated well… until we got to the very top where the beacon (?) is. The wind was whipping so hard! It would almost knock us over. On our way back, we stopped on the beach and grilled our lunch.By the way, do you notice anything in the pictures? Yeah, our snow is almost completely gone and it’s still February!








So, are we shredded?

We finished our 30 34 Day Shred today. Yeah, it took a few days longer due to travel and some cross-country skiing. But we did it! (Our first post was HERE.)Level 1
When we started, I could not make it through Level 1 without pausing the DVD a couple of times. By Day 10, Level 1 was not a problem.

Level 2
This is where planks are thrown in. And where I decided that satan must have invented them. While we didn’t ever pause it, I did have to take several 5 second breaks at first. But by the 10th day, I was much better and made it through without stopping. Level 2 was tougher, no doubt about it.

Level 3
Another step up, and another slow start. But by the end, I could do most everything, and no breaks. Level 3 introduces Plyometrics: jump training. I modified some of these, as some of the jumping was too much impact on my knees.

Modification vs. Full Version
There are two ‘helpers’ performing two different levels of difficulty. Anita does modified versions that are generally easier (but not always, in my opinion). Natalie performs the full versions of all  exercises. I started out following Anita every time. By the end of each level I was able to keep up with Natalie pretty well. I did not use hand weights like they did (Zack used some weights). I will add those in the future. I did use a small towel for some resistance on some of the exercises.

I’m not about to post before and after pictures on the blog. No one needs to see that! 
We were active for all 34 days. We also made modifications to our eating habits, cutting back on sugar, and focusing more on fruits, vegetables and whole grains. We both lost some weight, but nothing drastic. However, I can see visible results in both of us. Things are tighter, firmer, etc. We both lost a few inches from our mid-section. My clothes fit better (I might need some new jeans!), and I am happier about the way things look in the mirror.

I am glad that we stuck to it and I think it works. We will likely continue to use the 3 levels periodically, in a rotation with other videos and activities. I think it is really good when you need to work out at home due to weather, the expense of a gym membership, or whatever other reason.

Ett år i Norge – Happy Anniversary to Us!

One year in Norway – time sure does fly! One year ago today, we landed in Oslo. We flew from Vancouver to London to Gardermoen. Very little sleep during the flights. A 9 hour time difference. Eighteen bags and four backpacks.




But coming around the corner and seeing Torben, Espen and David was so sweet. And God is so good. He has provided in countless ways over the past 365 days. A good home with a kind landlord & family, who we are happy to also call friends. Good progress in language. A great school for the boys. Many local partners. A reliable car. A city we’ve come to love and call home. And many, many great friends.

A year ago on February 1, we were road weary and overwhelmed. This year on February 1, we celebrated with waffles (made by our little chef), skiing (on our own skis!!), homemade pizza (our family favorite here), and snowfall.




Nordic Life: Langrenn

This past weekend we experienced something that is very common and popular in Norway this time of year: cross-country skiing (langrenn).Our friends invited us to a cabin for the weekend. It was a good time of getting to know each other better, relaxing, eating lots of good food, and skiing.

Okay, more falling than skiing. But either way, it’s quite a workout!

We had fun, and I think the bug has bitten. We are working to get all four of us outfitted with skis so we can begin doing this on a regular basis.

And I have to say that if we are all still friends after the weekend, that’s saying a lot about their patience! They were great teachers, and we are very appreciative of their hospitality and support. And when I say support, I mean that in multiple ways: from encouraging words and pointers, to getting us up and down hills – literally!














9 years old?!?!

Happy birthday to our spunky, energetic, and joyful Daniel, who turns 9 years old today! We are so thankful for him and the way he approaches everything with enthusiasm and excitement.

Vinteren er endelig her! (Winter is finally here!)

Over the past couple of weeks, as we sat and watched news reports of record lows in the US, we wondered what exactly was going on around us in what so many call the Cold North.

We wonder no more. After a wet Christmas with temps never getting even close to freezing, winter has arrived in our little corner of Norway.
The snow began early Sunday morning. It was a nice light ground cover that brightened things up considerably. And then the snow returned Monday afternoon. It hasn’t been incredibly heavy overall, but it hasn’t let up a lot either.
As I type, the boys are out in the driveway, working on a (hopeless) attempt at a snowman, trying out their snow scooter, and developing some very rosy cheeks!




Sandefjord Photo Shoot

Last Saturday we went walking around the city, doing some filming for a video. The boys needed to answer some questions that they received from a kindergarten class in Georgia, and we thought it would be fun to do it in video format!While we were out, we snapped some more pictures of our city (… and of course our boys!). This place really is beautiful – and it still looks very much like winter. Can’t wait to see it when everything is in bloom!