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Memorable Eats: Dutch Herring

Anytime we travel, we want to try at least one or two local foods. When we were in Amsterdam this year, we had a taste of several new things.The most memorable was probably the herring.

And not only was the fish memorable, but the photos we took are some I will likely never forget!

Here is the herring stand. They are very easy to find all over the city.

Here is the fish.

And while three of us really enjoyed it, I think you can see from this photo that it was not something Daniel cares to try again.

But he was a champ. Even though I thought he was possibly going to throw up, he managed to chew it up and swallow it!


Kaffetur 11 / Coffee Tour #11: Coffee Company, Amsterdam

First a little education for those who have not visited Amsterdam before.

When looking for a good cup of coffee, you should locate a cafe, and not a coffee shop. Coffee shops are in fact the place where one goes to partake in one of the two activities with which the city has become synonymous. The one where one would likely find themselves with a serious case of the munchies.


We did not find an abundance of exceptional cafes in Amsterdam. We did, however, discover a nice coffee chain that was definitely worth a visit. Or two. Or three.


Coffee Company seems to have a location on almost every street corner. Sure, that’s an exaggeration, but they are definitely the Starbucks of Amsterdam. (And yes, you can also find Starbucks, if you must.)

We enjoyed several good cups of coffee, as well as excellent espresso. And the boys loved the mint tea!


Coffee Company began in 1996, and now includes 37+ locations, mostly in Amsterdam but also in other cities.You can check out Coffee Company at http://www.coffeecompany.nl

Kaffetur 5 / Coffee Tour #5: Daily at Sissy Boy – Haarlem

I knew nothing of scones, until I discovered Daily at Sissy Boy.

It all started with a short train ride in the Netherlands from Amsterdam to Haarlem* to fulfill a bucket list item. Excited would be an understatement as we approached the city that was once the home to Corrie ten Boom (you can read about her here).

We arrived ahead of our scheduled appointment to tour the Hiding Place Museum, so we found ourselves wandering a bit. And just down the street from the museum and the Ten Boom Juwelier, we stumbled upon a charming boutique.

Sissy Boy offers a nice selection clothing and home decor, a pairing that seems increasingly common in northern and western European shops. And while its merchandise looked quite nice, it was the cafe that drew us in.

Daily is Sissy Boy’s in-house cafe. It showcases the simple and clean design we’ve come to find so many places in Europe, as well as an assortment of pastries and breads, and a menu of breakfast and lunch items.

We all ordered scones with cream and jam.

I highly recommend this. Highly.

And we found their coffee and espresso very good as well. Nothing hand crafted, but they obviously were using fresh, high quality beans.

If you have the opportunity to visit the Netherlands, by all means you should see the Ten Boom Museum in Haarlem. And while you’re there, stop by Daily at Sissy Boy for a nice little treat!

*Be sure to schedule a few extra hours in Haarlem. A beautiful place to simply walk up and down the streets and along the canals. More picturesque and quieter than Amsterdam!