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Christmas Cheer (part 8): Nisser on our cups

A short 45-minute drive south on the E18 (highway) lands you in the city of Porsgrunn. This city is home to Porsgrund Porselen, a porcelain company that began in 1885. One of their more well-known patterns is Nisseserviset. We were excited to find the cups and saucers at a second hand shop yesterday. It will be a nice addition to our Christmas breakfast table!

My mom also bought us an ornament from the same line at the local glass shop here in Sandefjord. (Thanks, Mom/Gram/Kathy!)

Christmas Cheer (part 7): Santa’s little helpers

You’ll see these guys all over the place at Christmas in Norway. From shop windows, to the packaging of food and drinks.

This one really creeps me out – he’s animated