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Memorable Eats: Hot Chocolate like you wouldn’t believe!

Sometimes as you travel, or maybe when you’re just taking a stroll around the corner, you come across interesting an usual food, or candies, or drinks. Occasionally they are off-the wall terrible, and then at other times they are great.In this first entry of a new blog series, Memorable Eats, I am sharing about something unusual that could probably fall into the categories of food. AND candies. AND drinks. Let me introduce you to drinkable chocolate.

If you are every in Poland, put this place on your must-see list: E. Wedel Chocolate Lounge

It is a restaurant. A confectionery.  A cafe. And so much more.

When we were visiting friends and colleagues in Warsaw, one of them mentioned stopping by a Wedel Cafe for hot chocolate. Sounded like a great idea to us!

And we are so glad we went. Merely calling the drink that Wedel serves a hot chocolate is doing it a real disservice. They call it drinking chocolate. And that is much more accurate.

I’ve had good hot chocolate in my life. Maybe even great every now and then. But what we had in Warsaw went way beyond that.

Wedel knows chocolate, and they excel when it comes to a drinkable chocolate. Drinking chocolate is much thicker than hot chocolate. It literally looks and tastes like someone took fine chocolate and melted it into a cup. Yeah, amazing.

There were so many varieties on the menu, so Zack and I decided to share the tasting trio. An excellent choice.

Three small cups of drinking chocolate: dessert, milk, and white chocolate. Each was delicious, but I think the dessert chocolate was our favorite!

We also shared the dessert tasting trio.

Another excellent choice, especially when there were so many delicious options. It would have been almost impossible to only choose one!

The boys enjoyed their drinking chocolate as well, complete with whipped cream and chocolate candies.

There are Wedel Chocolate bars throughout Poland – so if you are ever there, you definitely need to stop in!

Guilty Pleasures


It’s really dangerous when you live in a place filled with so many good types of candy. And specifically chocolate.

Seriously. I find myself exercising more or walking a little extra, to justify a little treat at night.

Take for example my newest guilty pleasure:


You may think they look like brown peanut M&M’s. Okay, they do. But they are amazing. One of my friends from language school came over last night for dinner, and brought some to the boys. And I am having a tough time staying out of them!

What is your favorite ‘guilty pleasure’? Is there something you save to snack on until after the kids are in bed?


These are Freia Easter eggs –
similar to the Cadbury eggs we get in the states.
Freia makes so many great candy bars.
These are two of our favorites – especially Daim!
The orange bag is from our city’s chocolate company.
The red bag is some of our favorite gummy candies.
This was actually in Sweden –
but fun to see a humongous chocolate bar!