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Prague. Wow.

We attended a work conference last week in Germany. Our company flew us into and (will fly us) out of Prague. So we decided to tack on a few days at the end of the conference for a quick vacation in Prague!

It is an incredibly beautiful city. Every time we snap a photo, I am sad that we can’t adequately capture the beauty. But here is at least a glimpse of what we’ve been seeing!












Our friends invited us to spend a weekend with them at their hytte. A hytte is a mountain cottage/cabin, often shared by a family and passed down over generations.

Our friends’ family hytte is in the Telemark region, just outside of Bø. We had a great time relaxing, hiking, and being tourists.
Here are some pics from a wonderful weekend…




















Hitting the Road: July 22

Today is a big day!! We plan to attend early church, and then will begin our drive to Virginia. We are staying the night near Charlotte, NC, where we are meeting up with several adoptive families for dinner. Then tomorrow we will arrive at the training center. We have a meeting Tuesday afternoon and training officially begins Wednesday.
The last couple of weeks have been busy and emotional. We’ve said our good-byes and packed up all that we’ll need for the next 8 1/2 weeks.
Please pray for us as we enter this next big phase…
While transitions can be tough for anyone, we ask for specific prayer for our sons. Please pray that throughout our moves to Virginia, Vancouver, and Norway, they will feel safe and secure. Our prayer is that it will further affirm that even when outside circumstances change, families stay together.
Please pray for Zack and me as we enter a time of intense training and preparation. Pray that our hearts and minds will remain focused on God, and on the calling that He has placed on our family.
Please pray for our parents and extended family. Pray for them as they say good-bye and as the reality of our move sets in.


As I type, the movers are here and packing our belongings. They will stay in storage until we arrive in Norway.
It’s yet another reality moment for us, as we think about the fact that the next time we’ll see things like our beds and table and sofa, we will be in Oslo!

More fun

After our stay at Stone Mountain, the boys and I headed for the lake. We arrived just after lunch time on Friday. Mom was on our her way back from vacation with my grandparents, and her husband was still at work. But after unpacking, we headed on over to their house (just 2 doors down) and went swimming.
Once Mom & Tommy arrived home, they took us out to dinner. Saturday, we slept in (well, 8:00 is late for our boys). Then we spent the day swimming, eating, boating, and watching a movie.  It’s been a great visit!
I’m so thankful for the time I’ve gotten to spend with my parents over the last several days. I’m thankful for the way each has shown love, support, and generosity to us. And I’m thankful our boys have had another chance to make some great memories with grandparents.

Stone Mountain

For years, Zack’s dad has been wanting to go on a fishing trip with his boys. So they are finally doing it.
While he spends time with his dad, the boys and I are spending some time with each of my parents. Yesterday, we arrived at Stone Mountain Park to spend about 24 hours with my dad and his wife. We’ve had a great time. Ropes course, 4D movie, mini golf, train ride, sky lift, 4-story indoor playground, outdoor water playground, and the laser show. It was a long and busy day, but it was a lot of fun.