Day 20: 25 Days of Santa

This little guy is a reminder of a friendship that began almost as soon as we moved to Norway.

Just after moving to Sandefjord, the boys and I decided one Sunday morning to attend the local Baptist Church. It was Palm Sunday, and the congregation was having an Easter brunch.

As we sat, and ate, and felt a bit awkward being the only ones who couldn’t speak the language, Synnøve sat down next to me. She was quick to make me feel welcome and make sure I knew what was going on the rest of the morning.

A few days later, she found me on Facebook. She and her husband invited us over for waffles, and we’ve been friends every since.

This little guy was a birthday gift from Synnøve last month. And I have to admit – he might be staying out well past Christmas!p1110054

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