Day 18: 25 Days of Santa

This little guy was purchased at a hospital gift shop. 

It was eight years ago. Zack’s dad had just gone through open heart surgery. We decided to take him a little gift. We popped into the shop in the lobby of the hospital and found this beautiful glass Santa, filled with red glitter.

We made our purchase, and proceeded up to the room. Zack presented Ben with the little gift. He opened it, smiled, and said “thanks, but you can keep it.”

On the surface, that may seem like an odd or even rude thing to say. But you have to know Ben.

First, he doesn’t sugar-coat things. You never have to guess at what he’s thinking. He says exactly what’s on his mind.p1110050

But he is also one of the least selfish people I’ve ever met in my life. So I know that when he told us to keep it, it’s because he loves us and he knew how much we liked the gift, and he’d rather we have it for ourselves.

So for me, this Santa is a little reminder that I have a really awesome father-in-law.

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