Day 6: 25 Days of Santa

I have a confession to make. Those who’ve known me a while already know it. For those that don’t, here goes…

I was one of those beanie baby people. I had lots. Hundreds, actually.

I blame it on my husband. I showed interest just before we got married. And never one to ignore my desires, he lavished me with gifts. Of beanie babies.

Our first married Christmas (1998), my stocking was filled with beanie babies. Including this little guy.  p1110044

Most of the beanie babies are gone now, except a dozen or so that we put out at Christmas. But this little Santa has become more than just a Christmas decoration.

He sits out year-round. Since 2010, he’s been displaying a little paper Norwegian flag, a gift from our friends Øyvind and Håkon who visited us in Norway. He lived with us in Canada. And then made his way to Norway. And last year, he was back in the states with us for two months.

He’s become our reminder that wherever we are together, that place is home.

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