This week’s roller coaster ride

What should have been a week of ever-increasing excitement instead became one of mounting tension and uncertainty.

For months, we’ve been planning that we would travel to the states on November 13. We had tickets, and were excited. The boys started a countdown around day 100.
One problem: our tickets were with Lufthansa. And in case you didn’t know, their cabin crew union decided to strike beginning last Friday.
That was the beginning of the problems. The airline would then only cancel flights one day at a time, and only one day prior. They would not give full refunds unless the flight was cancelled.
All that to say, we had to wait until today to officially get notice that our flights were in fact cancelled. We got that email around 9:45 this morning.
We then had to wait until around 3:00 our time for the travel agent in Pennsylvania to open so he could rebook us on a different flight.
And as long as this week was, today seemed like an eternity. We watched as rates went up and flights filled. And we wondered if our hopes of traveling as planned might be dwindling away.
But just before 3:00 I left to get the boys from school. And as we walked in the door around 3:25, I heard Zack in the phone.
But more importantly, I saw the smile on his face.
So despite the craziness and uncertainty of the week, we are in fact headed to Georgia tomorrow.
Back soon with more on our American Adventure!
The empty fridge – surely that means it’s time to travel!

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