Weird People – hey, that’s me!

We often joke in our family that everyone is weird, and life is about finding those who share your same kind of weirdness.Okay, it’s not totally a joke. There is definitely some truth to it.

That brings a Dr. Seuss quote to mind…

So when Zack ran across this the other day, we thought it was fantastic!

I think I’ve always felt weird. And living cross-culturally probably intensifies those feelings at times, but I digress…

We were having a conversation with a friend and fellow parent recently, talking about how difficult the early teen years can be… and this is true in most any culture. Kids who don’t follow the norm or the most common way of living – be it fashion or hobbies, music or interests – those kids often struggle. They may be bullied or they may be ignored. But typically, as they get older, they find others with whom they share interests and dreams. They build up confidence. They find their place.

So if you’re feeling weird, know that it’s okay. You are making the world a more colorful place. You are creating interest and curiosity. Yes, you may be unique. But no, you are not alone.

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