Svartkaffe, takk!

What? No sugar? No milk?
No, it’s very Norwegian, you know.
(Taken from a Norwegian coffee magazine)

It took time. It didn’t happen overnight.

I remember back in college. Yes, many years ago. When we were facing a late night study session, we would head for The Otter (a local convenience store) and both Zack and I would get a really big ‘coffee’.
Well, it had coffee in the name. But it was mostly sugar, flavoring, and other artificial junk.
We gradually graduated to coffee with milk and sugar.Then we dropped the milk.

In 2011, after I traveled to Ethiopia, we transitioned to black coffee with a bit of raw sugar.

And now it’s only the real thing for us. No extras when it comes to a regular cup of coffee. Just quality beans, clean, cool water, and good equipment.

How do you take your coffee?

I recently read an Alton Brown article on coffee that I found interesting, and thought I would share it here.

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