Kaffetur 10 / Coffee Tour #10: Karma, Krakow

When we were visiting Poland earlier this year, we took a day trip to Krakow. A long but very good day, and one that of course included a stop in at a coffee shop we had researched.

When we arrived at Karma in Krakow,  it was rainy out. We were 4 adults and 4 kids, who had been walking quite a bit all day. All ready for a little break.

I really liked their packaging. Clean and simple.

Zack began chatting up the barista. He mentioned how we had done our homework to find the best of the best in their city, and that was how we had ended up at Karma. The barista seemed quite pleased with that information, and began to share with us about their coffee.

Their food looked delicious, but we had just eaten. So we went for a Chemex. Karma roasts their own beans, and we chose their selection from Ethiopia.

It was not as strong as what we make at home, but that would be my only complaint. It had a pleasant flavor, and I could tell it was quality coffee.

The boys each ordered a hot chocolate. Definitely visually appealing, but it was not the sweet treat they are used to. But a little sugar added did the trick!

The cafe itself is simple, cozy and inviting. There is even a corner filled with toys to occupy the kids! Karma is definitely a nice spot to check out if you ever visit Krakow.


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