Kaffetur 6 / Coffee Tour #6: Frühling in Basel – Switzerland

Most people seem to have a certain routine they follow before travel. Perhaps the classic Type-A personality creates an itinerary. A culinary enthusiast researches the best places to eat or the best markets to peruse. Those who have an avid interest in history will seek out spots that hold a special place in either world or local history. Perhaps it’s checking out the best activities for kids, or jotting down the hottest clubs in town.(Before moving on, I must apologize for the photo quality. The rain was pouring this particular day, and I didn’t have an adequate bag with me to protect the camera. So everything was taken on the phone.)


For us, the chance to explore a new place always means a bit of pre-travel coffee research. We pick our favorite search engine or one of our favorite review sites, and set out for looking for coffee shop reviews.
And my visit to Basel was no different.


I must admit that based on what I read, I was not overly enthusiastic about my options. The choices were few and the reviews tended to be mediocre.


There was one spot that seemed to garner the best feedback, but it was a bit outside of the city center. As my time was limited because of conference requirements, I was afraid I wouldn’t get to check it out.


Thankfully I managed to make my way there with a friend on our last day in the city. It was a rainy day and my shoes were quite sloshy by the time we reached Frühling, but I am so glad we took the time to make the trip.


We were greeted by Selma, a bubbly and friendly lady who warmly welcomed us with near-perfect English.


The cafe was quite full, but everyone else had already been served, so we had the counter and lovely barista to ourselves: a perfect time to chat about coffee and order a hand-brew.


Frühling has a clean feel and great equipment. In addition to a selection of drinks like espresso, cappuccino, and tea, they also prepare V60 and AeroPress. My friend and I each ordered a V60. I chose a natural-roasted Tanzanian bean from a roaster in Zurich, and she, a washed bean from the same area.


Each had a really nice flavor. The overall taste of the natural beans was a bit more floral, while the washed beans offered a balanced and clean finish.


Frühling has quality beans, careful handcrafted quality, a delightful array of sandwiches and other baked items, plenty of indoor and outdoor seating – and even free wifi!


A trip to Basel, Switzerland would not be complete without a stop into this shop. Be sure to tell Selma hi from the crazy American girl who lives in Norway!
I asked Selma for a photo of the two of us.
She would only agree if we sat on the counter! So here we are…


And after your coffee, walk a block south on Klybeckstrasse to Babuko Kebab Haus for an excellent doner!



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