Simply Beautiful

Simply beautiful. Those are really the best words I know to use indescribing the place where true conference was held third past week.

Of course, you know I can’t stop with only two words to describe a place!


Rick and Mary Beth Holladay are a couple whose lives just ooze with creativity and hospitality. You get a glimpse of this the moment you set foot in The Art Factory in Kandern, Germany.


But the initial impression does not do justice to what we ultimately experienced. The pair has transformed an old abandoned tile factory in a small German village into a place of beauty. They have done and continue to do numerous renovations and improvements.


The building is home to several apartments that are rented out. The Holladays live there as well, and have a number of bedrooms that can be reserved.


Think of the coziest shabby-chic B&B possible. Add to that endless antiques, projects that make what I see on Pinterest look like child’s play, beautiful art, and the opportunity for art courses, small events, and open mic evenings, and you might get a slight idea of what lies within this monstrous yet cozy building.
And I didn’t even mention the incredible meals that Mary Beth prepared for us.
Of course, with a kitchen like this, I think I would want to cook


I would be remiss to neglect the town of Kandern. Quaint and simple, it has all you need and not a lot more.


Local shops bring beauty. The town eiscafe (ice cream shop) can’t be missed.


And there also a number of nice walking trails to explore.

You can read more about The Art Factory and the Holladays at

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