Home. No place like it. #expatlife

Growing up, I remember a sign that read:

Home is where the heart is

It was just a sign then. But living the ex-pat life has really brought that phrase to life. The idea of home changes a lot when you find yourself living in five different places over the course of 6 months. (So thankful we’ve been able to call one place home for the past 15 months!) Longtime neighbors and being recognized at the local supermarket are replaced by packing, unpacking, and trying to learn your way around.Over the past year and a half, we’ve come to have this joke that one of the highest compliments we can pay someone is to tell them something feels normal. Sitting outside for dinner with our neighbors – normal. Spending time with our friends on their boat – normal. Smelling freshly mowed grass – normal. Things that are familiar from our “past life” can bring a sense of comfort.

And yet, normal also changes as you move from culture to culture.

Home is where the heart is. It is the place where we are all together, the place where we can unpack a suitcase and use our own pillows, where we can relax and breathe easy.

After almost two years of this new life, these are things we’ve learned. But I also know that when we visit the states in the future, we will have some adjustments to make and some reverse culture shock to deal with.

I just read THIS ARTICLE, and it has some really helpful and practical info for returning to your home country.

Thought I’d post it on the blog…

  1. So I can reference it when we visit America for a couple of months next year
  2. For those who might be returning to their home culture soon
  3. For those of you who have friends or family returning the states after an extended period overseas

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