A Day in the Life

We received a suggestion to write a post about what a typical day looks like for Zack and me.So what does our typical day look like? Honestly, our schedule varies every day. Some days we find ourselves buried in language learning activities, others meeting friends and local partners in the city, and others doing practical office type work. But most days include a blend of a lot of different things.

So here is a glimpse at what a typical weekday might look like while we are not taking language classes (maybe I’ll do another post once we’re back in language school)…

6:25: Jenn wakes up, packs the boys’ lunches, gets breakfast going
7:00: Zack and the boys get up, get dressed
7:20: breakfast, devotions, prayer
8:00: boys walk to the bus station
8:00: watch the news (great language practice!)
9:00: work out
9:30: emails, office work
10:30: clean up, language learning time
12:00: this can vary: lunch, time in the city, appointments, errands, work stuff
2:50: leave to pick up the boys from school
3:15: back home, snacks, homework

From here, it can go a lot of different directions. Sometimes we have to eat dinner at 4:00 or 4:30 because of football practice, appointments in the city, or house church. Sometimes we relax a little, eat dinner later, and then do something as a family (play cards, read a chapter from a book, play Wii, watch a TV show, etc). The boys typically go to bed at 8:00 (Daniel) and 9:00 (William).

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