What’s it like: Recycling

When we lived in Georgia, we were pretty conscientious about recycling. We had our big plastic bin that would be set out by the trash can every week for pick-up. We would fill it with glass, metal, plastic, and paper.Recycling is important in Norway as well, which is great! Only, there is a little more involved.

In our home, we have five different trash containers. One is for food trash. The next is for plain paper. Then there’s restavfall: that is, non-recyclable waste. There’s glass & metal. And finally we have plastics.

Under the sink: we have spots here for paper,
food, and restavfall

There’s a special bag for food. And plastic. And we have three different trash cans outside that are picked up on a rotating basis each week: brown for food, blue for paper, and gray for restavfall. They also pick up the plastics in the rotation.

But not metal or glass – there are special receptacles throughout the city for those. And we can also recycle old batteries and lightbulbs at many grocery stores and other shops.

And we are always sure to check drinks bottles! Most of them have a pant – a deposit we pay when you buy them. So we keep the bottles separate, and take them to the pant machine in the grocery store. We return them and get a printed receipt that is taken to the cashier. We can use it towards our grocery purchase, or get the cash.

Lots to remember, but after a year I think we have the hang of it!


Talking about green[er] living made me think of the book Green Like God – have you ever read it? Our friend Jonathan wrote it a few years ago. Often, there seems to be this great divide between Christians and environmentalists. While I don’t believe that I should worship the earth, I do follow the One who created it. If He really made it for us, shouldn’t we take care of it? This book addresses some of that.

Do you recycle?
Are there any weird recycling requirements where you live?
Have you read any interesting books on recycling, environmentalism, or a related subject?

One thought on “What’s it like: Recycling”

  1. Hahha! I thought we were SO great about recycling back home. Then once we got here my mind was blown away. The crazy color coded schedule alone intimidated me, even though it was in Dutch and that was enough. I'm thrilled that we do a better job now- but the thing that amazes me is- can you imagine if everyone recycled like we do? How much unnecessary waste each family dumps that could be put to better use? It's crazy.

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