Adoption Connection

It seems that no matter where we go, we find adoption connections! And Norway is no exception.A few months ago, Zack met one of our neighbors for the first time. Not sure how it happened, but somehow he got into a conversation and learned that the man was adopted internationally, as an infant. Pretty cool!

And we had another encounter this week. Daniel has been going through some educational testing (the education system here is INCREDIBLE by the way!!). At the end of the testing, as we were meeting with the doctor who facilitated the majority of it, we were sharing more about our two adoptions. He seemed very interested and asked really good – and appropriate – questions.

(Even better – he waited until Daniel was not with us to ask things. We appreciate this so much, because we never want things said in front of him that make him uncomfortable, questions that maybe he isn’t ready for, or comments that cause him any undue sadness, insecurity or anxiety.)

After we finished sharing, the doctor smiled and then shared that he and his wife have also adopted two children internationally. They were adopted as infant so they’ve been raised here in Norway and are now grown and doing well.

We appreciate the chance to connect with other adoptive families. It brings encouragement and a chance for a special level of understanding and empathy. And we appreciate how this kind man was willing to share part of his family’s story.

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